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£1.5bn infrastructure projects due for completion

Words: Laura Edgar

Scottish infrastructure secretary Keith Brown announced that thousands of jobs in the country had been supported by £1.5 billion investment in public infrastructure.

Brown was speaking ahead of a debate in Parliament on Building Scotland’s Infrastructure for the Future.

He said that public sector projects worth £1.5 billion, including schools, colleges, hospitals and transport, are set to be completed this year. Additionally, Brown called on the UK Government to invest further in infrastructure in Scotland to boost the economy.

He said: “Up and down Scotland, people can already see the tangible results of this billion-and-a-half pounds investment – indeed, even now there are construction sites all over the country providing enormous benefits to industry already.

“During 2015 alone, we expect infrastructure projects like the new South Glasgow hospitals, the Borders Railway and Inverness College to be completed and ready for use – and already they are helping to secure economic recovery and strengthen public services.”

Brown added that the Scottish Government is prioritising the role of infrastructure investment to boost the economy.

“The steps we are taking demonstrate not just what is being achieved now, but also what more could be done if the UK Government were willing to change its course on public spending in order to provide further support for infrastructure, skills and education to boost the economy.”

Image courtesy of the Scottish Government