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Annually produced references guide focussing on key planning sectors

Each of the guides in this section consider the policy, legal, demographic and social issues driving the performance of planners in the sector. Readers will also find best practice case studies and the details of key references sources made available during the year of publication.

Topical reports and discussion documents

Here’s where you can access the best of the reports and case studies published within the planning sector, as filtered and curated by The Planner team. The original research work that often goes on to provide the starting point for our features can be accessed here.

A daily feed of important legal cases and planning appeal decisions

Readers can quickly avail themselves of the most important and interesting decisions, typically posted to this section within a day of their publication. You can expect a concise explanation of the context and the reasons for the decisions, as well as a direct link to the relevant planning appeal decision letter.

Listen in to the topical planning debates

Planner editors and specialists come together to discuss the topics of the day in our webinars, and you’re invited to listen on demand to the hour-long events. (Note - you’ll be asked to register before getting to hear the content).

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