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Gail Armstrong
On the waterfront: The rise of waterside regeneration
biodiversity | England | Water & Marine

We seem to be rediscovering our urban waterways as attractive sites for development – but how do we retain their value for everyone? Amanda Robinson outlines a London based project that could send ripples...


  • Whatever its pros and cons, ‘micro-living’ is happening, out of lifestyle choice or necessity. And it's being created at grassroots level from self-build schemes, right up to large projects backed by investors and developers, says Serena Ralston

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  • #Plantech has tended to focus on intelligent data gathering and sorting, but what about the fundamental processes that drive planning? Simon Wicks finds out about Motif, workflow software for planners, and planners alone.

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  • This month sees the merging of council planning departments in Dorset, Somerset and Suffolk. Mark Smulian reports on the logic behind municipal unification.

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