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UN Habitat III - A round-up

Words: Simon Wicks

Habitat III, the UN conference on Housing and Sustainable Development, is taking place in Quito, Ecuador until Thursday. Here's a selection of stories about the event and its themes.

A once-in-a-generation event, the UN Habitat III conference will set the agenda for sustainable development around the world for the next 20 years.It's an event of huge significance, and will be attended by representatives of the RTPI, who have fed into the New Urban Agenda, the document to be agreed at Habitat III. The Planner has been tracking the build-up to the conference and considering its implications for planning in the UK and around the world. Her's a round-up of our UN Habitat III related content.

Feature articles

A history of Habitat

Habitat III - What's in it for me?

Sustaining notes: Sustainable Development Goals and the UK

What’s on the Agenda? The New Urban Agenda Assessed

Nature in the balance: Planning challenges in Ecuador

Habitat's natural: An interview with Eugénie Birch

Polycentric polymath: An interview with Alfonso Vegara

"Democracy, human rights and the relationship between the environment and urbanisation are expected to feature heavily"


Comment and opinion

How a city in Ecuador will shape life in the 21st century

Two minutes with... Carolina Proaño

Why Habitat III must reflect the century of the city

Can UN Habitat III effect real change in our cities?

Should the New Urban Agenda be a binding agreement?

Notes from Quito - Observations by an urban planner

Gardening for growth in South africa's townships

Having a 'fair go' in Australia

Why resilience needs to be the norm for cities

“Humankind’s only hope is to find ways to enable more than 70% of the globe to live sustainably in cities”



Manifesto launched to guide sustainable development worldwide

Further reading

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