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RTPI Convention 2018: Resilient planning for our future

Words: The Planner
Planning Convention

The RTPI's 2018 Planning Convention took place in early July. The Planner was there to report on a day that considered the many different contexts in which planning and planners can help to build a more resilient nation – from providing civic leadership through to  driving solutions to the housing crisis. Read our reports and features below to get a flavour of the day

Introduction Paths to resilience

Planning needs to reclaim its leadership role – and attract a wider range of young people into its ranks – if it is to help shape a nation that can face the future with confidence. > Read


PINS and MHCLG briefing

Recruitment is a challenge for planning. How does the Planning Inspectorate recruit more inspectors? How does that affect availability of senior planners elsewhere? What is the MHCLG doing to attract new planners? > Read

Feature Three ways to tackle the housing crisis

Three speakers, three approaches to tackling the housing crisis… > Read


Building a resilient profession

We hear a lot about planners, making the environment, communities, town, cities and homes resilient. But how do we make the planning profession resilient? > Read


Ways to capture the value of land

How do we use the planning system to capture the value of the land on which developmnt takes place in order to invest in physical and social infrastructure? > Read


Capturing the value of planning

Is there way of measuring and presenting the value that planning adds to communities so as to persuade corporate strategists to invest more in planning and its outcomes? > Read


Feature The state of the nation - Lord Kerslake

You won’t be surprised to hear that Brexit talk dominates Westminster. Lord Bob Kerslake told the audience that is what he is doing every week, declaring Brexit one of those issues that is “both deadly and deadly dull”. > Read

Feature Maximising the value of devolution deals

City deals and growth funds are driving improvements in urban areas, but can they work in the heart of rural Wales? And does the new wave of 'Metro Mayors' have any real power? > Read


Ask the chief planners

If planners are to lead the shaping and delivery of policy, they must be “willing to step out of our comfort zones” and “grapple with the big issues”. > Read


Planning for major sporting events

Olympic Games can be financially crippling. Is there a better way to host them, while securing ‘legacy’? Is the Commonwealth Games model more sustainable in this respect? > Read


The infrastructure debate

What do planners need to know about the nation’s energy pipeline infrastructure? > Read


Integrating climate resilience into planning

How can planners can address the seemingly insurmountable threat of climate change? Are there local solutions to be unearthed that would meet this global challenge? > Read


Feature The tech transforming planning

What are the tech and tools that could transform planning in the future? In a series of seven-minute speed presentations, five young planners took convention delegates on a whistle-stop tour of virtual reality, drones, blockchain and more. > Read

Photography | Kate Darkins