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Q&A: Two minutes with... Carolina Proaño

Words: Huw Morris
Quito, Ecuador
Carolina Proaño (CP) founded the environmental consultancy Ecodivercity in Ecuador’s capital city, Quito, in 2012. In the build-up to the UN Habitat III conference, she explains how Ecuador is investing in fresh infrastructure, why the nation prizes natural rights, and the ongoing challenges for planners in a nation afflicted by inequality and the potential for natural disaster.
Why is Quito (pictured, top) the venue for Habitat III?CP (pictured left): Ecuador's application [to host the conference] was backed up by Latin American countries, which is the most urbanised region of the world. – 78 per cent of the country's [Ecuador’s] population is urban. There have been several initiatives that have made the country stand out. One of them is the declaration of the Rights........
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