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Planning Convention 2019: What does the future hold?

Words: The Planner
Images from the convention

Titled 'The future of planning: What's next?', this year's Planning Convention asked big questions about the direction in which the profession is headed and the role it can play in shaping our collective futures. The Planner's editorial team took note

The shape of things

It was titled ‘The future of planning: What’s next?’. But, asks Simon Wicks, what did the Planning Convention 2019 tell us about the shape of things to come?



Infrastructure stresses

Future-proofing infrastructure amid the uncertainties of technology, population, climate and politics may prove to be a significant challenge, says Simon Wicks


The art of compromise

Communities feel like they are not being listened to on planning matters. How can we move from a place of confrontation to one of collaboration? Laura Edgar reports


A matter of principles

Talk of design is everywhere. But what do we actually mean by design and how do we make sure it’s ‘objectively’ good? asks Simon Wicks


Time to take back the streets

"What we do with our cities will either make or break our species,” suggested New York architect Vishaan Chakrabarti in considering how to create future successful cities. Martin Read reports


Homing instinct

Discussion of the housing crisis – and what planners can do to fix it – again permeated the annual convention. The Planner sat in on panels focusing on specialist housing and the role of local authorities, as well as an address from the housing minister, writes Matt Moody

Tech landscape: Tackling the coming tech torrent

If deployed effectively, artificial intelligence will demand some game-changing disruption to the way planning is practised professionally and encountered by the public, reports Martin Read.


Illustrations | Charlie Davies, iStock