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Liverpool Waters: Perspectives on a regeneration scheme

Words: Simon Wicks
Liverpool Waters visualisation

The Liverpool Waters scheme is a vital piece in the jigsaw of regeneration of one of the UK's great cities. Simon Wicks found out about the scheme, its context and its importance

It's a £5.5 billion regeneration scheme in one of the world's great cities, that has seen more than its share of ups and downs. It may well represent the single biggest planning application ever submitted in the UK. It'll present a new, more attractive face to arrivals to the city by sea, and a gateway from the Mersey to the city centre. Over the scheme's 30-year duration, it should provide thousands of jobs and training opportunities thousands of jobs to locals in one of the UK's poorest wards. And it's in a World Heritage Site.

The redevelopment of Liverpool Waters – the former docks on which a good chunk of Britains' imperial prosperity was founded – is arguably the most interesting and complex single scheme under way in the UK at the moment. With the sword still hanging over Liverpool's World Heritage Site designation as a result of the scheme's proposals, it's certainly one of the most controversial. It's inched forward for years, and may be about to take off – development has to get under way in order to keep the scheme's 2013 outline permission alive.

We sent our deputy editor Simon Wicks to Liverpool to build a picture of the scheme from multiple persperctives in order to understand what goes into creating a development of this magnitude, the forces at play within the planing system and how important it may be regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Simon collected a mass of interviews and research material – more than he's been able to write up to date, so we'll be adding to the content below as the month goes on. 

Perspectives on Liverpool Waters


The long and winding road: An overview  

Simon Wicks follows the long and winding road towards a revival of Liverpool's dockside – and the city itself.




Tech landscape: Respecting Liverpool's protected views 

Matt Moody finds out how the masterplanners have incorporated protected and desirable views into a masterplan that attempts to build on the World Heritage Site designation.



Legal landscape: Development vs heritage at Liverpool Waters 

Resolving the tensions between development and heritage requires vision, sensitive policymaking and plenty of consultation, says Colette McCormack.



Liverpool Waters: What heritage is at stake?

Much of the debate about the Liverpool Waters scheme revolves around the site’s World Heritage Listing. But what’s actually listed, and why?



Coming soon....

  • Images of Liverpool Waters now and in the future
  • What's so special about the masterplan?
  • Why does Liverpool Waters matter, regionally, nationally and internationally?
  • Interview: Peter Jones, head of planning for Liverpool Waters
  • Interview: Sue Grindrod, chief executive of Albert Dock and chair of Liverpool Waterfront business Partnership
  • Interview: Ann O'Byrne, (former) deputy mayor and head of regeneration for Liverpool
  • Interview: Gerry Proctor, founder and chair of Engage Liverpool