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International Women’s Day 2018

Words: The Planner
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Each year we mark International Women’s Day with an update to our (increasingly popular) Women of Influence list and a variety of articles that discuss gender in planning and highlight the achievements of women in planning. 2018 is no different.

If you want to know why we do this, please read our comment piece from 2017 Why does equality matter?

This year – a year of #MeToo and an increased focus on the rights and experiences of women – IWD is asking the question: How will you press for progress?

So we’re interesting in how women can gain more prominence as speakers at events, and what needs to change for women to occupy more leadership roles in the workplace. And there’s more besides.

If you've any thoughts on International Women’s Day - however challenging - please do tweet us at @ThePlanner_RTPI using the hashtags #Planner_IWD and #IWD2018 or email us at [email protected]

Here’s what we got in store for International Women’s Day 2018. We'll be adding more to thisas we go through the day, so please check back:

Updated for 2018, with new entries. We've been inundated with suggestions and will put up a refreshed list in the morning of Friday 9 March. 

Results from the RTPI's member survey 2017, comparing how men and women answered questions about their experience of the workplace and their career opportunities.

A month-by-month round-up of our favourite pieces either written by women or featuring women as interviewees.

Planning has a duty to plan for diverse and inclusive communities, but as in many other professions, it needs to eradicate its ‘pale and male’ image. It’s happening, says Serena Ralston

Are diversity pledges an effective means of increasing women's representation on panels at events, or a well-meaning but patronising attempt to deal with a complex issue? Join the discussion!

Commentary on International Women's Day

Throughout the day we'll be adding a selection of comments and opinions - written by men and women – offering thoughts around IWD adn its central them: #PressforProgress

Jill Bell, chair of Women in Planning in the North West and consultant with HGH Consulting, reflects on what International Women's Day means to planners.

Emma Parsons of Cardiff City Council outlines how the planning profession can improve opportunities for women in the workplace.

Chrysta Poppitt, HR director with Turley , asks what steps can be taken to close the gender pay gap in the property industry.

Vicky Payne of Urbed says it's time to recognise some of the lesser-known women who have helped to shape planning.

Anna Sabine-Newlyn of Meeting Place Communications counters the common objectiosn to diversity pledges as a means of getting more women onto panels at events.

Anna Brand reflects on an Urbanistas Edinburgh event looking at community ownership, creativity and representatively consulting communities.

Women in planning need to shout about their accomplishments and think about how they can inspire the next generation of planners, says Kim Cooper

Jill Wood of Engender explains why thinking about women when planning places and spaces is good for everyone.

Resources and information

The RTPI's round-up of networks, commentary, research and publications relating to gender and planning.