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Glasgow City Deal: Case study - Second sight

Words: Simon Wicks
Bridge in the sky at Sighthill

Location: Sighthill, a 50-hectare site just north of Glasgow city centre

Project: Site remediation; roads, pavements and landscaping; SUDS; utilities; design and commissioning of new bridge; masterplanning for 826 homes and additional development

Cost: £250 million, divided 86% / 14% City Deal/Glasgow City Council

Back in the 18th century, French chemist Nicholas Leblanc invented a process for creating sodium carbonate (soda ash) from sea salt. Soda ash was an essential elemnent in the production glass, soap and detergent.

By the mid-19th century, Leblanc’s method meant Britain’s thriving soda ash manufacturing industry – in Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow – was producing 200,000 tons a ye.....Sign Up or Login to read full article

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