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Data drive - planning and big data

City control centre illustration by Bratislav Milenkovic

What impact is the collection and use of ‘big data’ having on the ways we govern and interact with urban environments? And what does that mean for city planning in the future? Prof. Rob Kitchin and Samer Bagaeen consider big data, smart cities, the Internet of Things and their influence on planning

Rob KitchinUrban big data

"For as long as data has been generated about cities, various kinds of data-informed urbanism have been occurring. The data employed is typically sampled, generated on a one-off or occasional basis, limited in scope, and often produced by state agencies such as national statistics offices" - Read: Professor Rob Kitchin considers the impact of big data on city governance and planning.



Samer BagaeenLife, connected

"According to the Boston Consulting Group, the internet is now the UK’s second-biggest economic contributor behind the property sector, having overtaken manufacturing and retail. The virtual nature of the digital economy to date has been powerful in reshaping society and economy, but its next stages promise much more" - Read: Samer Bagaeen looks at how the Internet of Things is driving a consumer revolution.