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Careers Month 2020: 'Buy-in' – the secret to staff wellbeing at Mattinson Partnership

Mattinson staff and Streatham United FC
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Mattinson Partnership is kindly sponsoring week 1 of The Planner's Careers Month 2020, on the theme of wellbeing.


Clear values properly integrated into the business and its operations can steer companies and their employees towards a more rewarding workplace experience, says David Mattinson

A company's ‘values’ need to be more than just buzzwords on the website. They need to be hard wired into every aspect of the business. Properly articulated, key values should be a reason why employees will choose them over another company. Effectively delivered, they will be a reason why people decide to stay. 

These values should also be a cornerstone for staff wellbeing. This isn’t just about benefits or pay; it’s about getting staff to feel part of something exciting, credible and aspirational. A company should be accountable and if people are part of something they can be proud of then, from our experience, teams are more collaborative and stronger as a result.

"It’s about getting your workforce to buy into your company values and ethos"

Two of our core values are ‘more than’ and ‘partnership’. As recruiters in the built and natural environment, it is really important for us to give something back to the community and we have built relationships with charities, community initiatives, academies and carbon offset programmes. 

These include:

  • Activity days supporting the London Wildlife Trust – from clearing paths to building green walls, we get out and about making a positive impact in woodland management.
  • Urban Landscape Initiative – consultants visit school and take part as experts in the built environment, introducing children to prospective jobs in our sector at the grassroots level.
  • Sponsorship of Streatham United FC – Next time you’re walking by Streatham Common on a Saturday morning, come support the local youth team with us and check out their newly branded shirts!
  • Better Bankside Summer Skills Academy – Our environmental team annually supports young people in Southwark by giving careers advice and interview training.
  • Tree planting – working with Carbon Footprint, we have planted over 1,000 trees for every placement, referral and temporary assignment. 

Positive staff wellbeing is rightly attributed to changes and initiatives that companies can offer their employees, such as flexible working hours or standing desks. But it’s about more than this – it’s about getting your workforce to buy into your company values and ethos. Following recent staff feedback, our values were one of the main reasons cited for why people joined us and as a team, we have an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the environment. 

David Mattinson is managing director of Mattinson Partnership

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