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Appeal: Saved policy from 1995 plan cannot prevent 260-home scheme

Kettering / Shutterstock: 654939292

An inspector has approved 260 homes at Desborough, Northamptonshire, deciding that although the town’s housing requirement had already been ‘considerably exceeded’, the scheme would not challenge Kettering’s status as the borough’s ‘growth town’.

LOCATIONDesboroughAUTHORITYKettering Borough CouncilINSPECTORPatrick HannaPROCEDUREInquiryDECISIONAllowedREFERENCEAPP/L2820/W/20/3253498The appeal concerned 11.25 hectares of land on the north-western edge of Desborough, a town in Northamptonshire. Developer Bowbridge Land sought outline permission to build 260 homes on the site in 2019. The council had, in refusing permission, cited a........
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