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Appeal: New-build’s design justifies demolition of heritage asset

Sheffield / Shutterstock: 1761550493

An inspector has approved plans to demolish a two-storey non-designated heritage asset in Sheffield, ruling that the proposed seven-storey replacement would improve the area and would not be ‘generic, safe and unimaginative’.

LOCATIONSheffieldAUTHORITYSheffield City CouncilINSPECTORDarren HendleyPROCEDUREWritten submissionsDECISIONAllowedREFERENCEAPP/J4423/W/19/3241075The appeal concerned Aizlewood Business Centre, a vacant two-storey building north of Sheffield city centre, just within its ring road. The building was historically used as a coroner’s court, and is a non-designated heritage asset. It adjoins the........
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