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Appeal: Fencing off of valued land ‘no worse’ than plans to develop it

Contaminated / Shutterstock: 681334918

A developer’s argument that it could only afford to remediate a contaminated public space if it was given permission to build housing on it has been rejected by an inspector, who considered the scheme a worse outcome than the space being fenced off.

LOCATIONHeanorAUTHORITYAmber Valley Borough CouncilINSPECTORK SavagePROCEDUREWritten submissionsDECISIONDismissedREFERENCEAPP/M1005/W/20/3249150The appeal concerned a square of open space in a residential area of Heanor, a town in Derbyshire. The square, surrounded by housing and bisected by a small through road, was not formally identified as public open space in the local development plan.........
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