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Appeal: Development allowed on edge of historic Chartist settlement

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Planning permission has been granted to build 27 homes and associated infrastructure on the edge of one of the original Chartist settlements.

Forest of Dean District Council had rejected the proposal by Gloucester Land Company at a 1.18 hectare site at Staunton. The site is next to Snigs End Conservation Area, one of the five original Chartist settlements established in the middle of the 19th century.

The conservation area has a layout of Chartist plots, cottages and other buildings, with the boundaries of the settlement providing a strong link to an important period in the area’s past as well a visible reminder of its role in nationally significant historical events.

Inspector Nick Fagan said there would be no harm to the historic plot layout in this part of the village as it had already been eroded by post-war development. The inspector concluded a planning balance exercise was not needed as there would be no harm to the area’s heritage assets even though building 27 homes in a district that could not demonstrate a five-year supply of housing land was a significant social benefit.

The inspector's report can be read here – for free.

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