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Appeal: Bronze statue of local businessman is ‘incongruous’

Bronze statue / iStock: 900933716

An inspector has refused retrospective permission for a bronze statue of a recently deceased local businessman in Paddington, calling it ‘discordant and incongruous’ despite its ‘high-quality detailing’.

LOCATIONPaddingtonAUTHORITYCity of Westminster CouncilINSPECTORM AllenPROCEDUREWritten submissionsDECISIONDismissedREFERENCEAPP/X5990/W/18/3204077The appeal concerned an “attractive urban street” in Paddington, central London, home to the offices of IKB Travel and Tours, a travel company founded in 1994.In August 2017, the appellant installed a bronze statue of the company's........
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